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THE GOING DOWN OF THE SUN (Dol Fodha na Grèine)

by Donald A. Morrison with Annie Macsween and Iain G. Macdonald

Published by Acair Ltd

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This website is a companion to the book THE GOING DOWN OF THE SUN (Dol Fodha na Grèine). The book and website are in remembrance of Ness and West Side personnel who served during World War One. From the eighteen villages round the coast from Skigersta to Ballantrushal there were some nine hundred on active service.

The map is interactive - click on the symbols to reveal details of service personnel and the villages they came from.

‘O mar chuir mi ’n geamhradh seachad’

(Oh how I endured the winter)

'S ann an toiseach mìos October,
Fhuair mi an naidheachd a leòn mi,
'S tu ri tighinn air fòrladh,
Ach cha robh e òrdaicht dhut tighinn dhachaigh
O mar chuir mi ’n geamhradh seachad,
Às do dhèidh an dèidh na bh'eadrainn.
It was at the beginning of October,
That I got the news that grieved me,
You were to come on leave,
But arriving home wasn't ordained for you
Oh how I endured the winter,
After you, after parting.

Elegy by Gormal Maciver, Borve in loving memory of her husband, John (Iain a' Phunch), acting Leading Seaman, who was lost at sea on HMS Main, sunk by U75 in the North Channel on Tuesday 9 October 1917.